Andean Panpipe Workshops


Panpipes are central to the musical life and culture of the Quechua and Aymara Indians of Peru and Bolivia. A typical ensemble consists of six-tubed panpipes referred to as ira, or leader, and seven-tubed panpipes called arca, or follower. These two distinct instruments are played in alternation to create a complete melody—a technique referred to as hocket.

Students of all ages and abilities can learn to play Andean panpipes using the traditional learning techniques of listening and imitating. I have worked closely with Robert W. Templeman, a specialist in musical genres of the Quechua, whose fieldwork was based in Bolivia’s Charazani Valley. More recently, I directed the Andean panpipe ensembles at both the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and Miami University, and I have also given workshops at a number of schools and universities throughout the United States.

If you would like to engage me for a panpipe workshop, please complete the contact form.

Kantus Panpipe Audio Examples
CCM Andean Lab, Lori Kesner, director

Q’keni Sankayo